Biomechanical Assessment

At SportsLink Physiotherapy our physios are all university trained professionals who understand how the body uniquely moves. Our therapists also stay up to date with the latest evidence via regular continued education. Due to our thorough anatomical knowledge we are able to identify biomechanical patterns that can predispose you to poor performance or possible injury. Treating acute injuries daily helps to uncover patterns of injury and the typical biomechanical faults that could have been addressed earlier that unfortunately have now lead to injury and subsequent rehabilitation.

Biomechanical assessment is crucial to ensure that you not only recover from your pain but the underlying issues are addressed so that your condition will not return again. Whether you are an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or have decided to make a long awaited return after injury or years on the sideline we can help you. Not only do we conduct sports related biomechanical analysis but we also conduct postural assessments and can provide you with tips to improve your work or home office set up.

At SportsLink Physiotherapy we conduct a thorough screening and educate you on how best to manage your body – empowering you in the process! We provide you with stretches and exercises that will help to address any biomechanical deficiencies or postural faults that can lead to injury and get you back to yourself sooner.

Biochemical Assessment

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