Second Opinion

Are you looking for a second opinion? Have you been unsatisfied with previous explanations (or lack thereof) or unhappy with the treatment provided to you by another therapist? Have you grown tired of not improving whilst your physiotherapist uses ineffective machine after machine to “fix you”? Have you been dealing with your problems for too long and no longer know where to turn?

At SportsLink physiotherapy all of our therapists pride themselves on accurately diagnosing the root cause of your problems and are trained in the latest “hands on” treatment techniques to get you better sooner! Our therapists will take the time to listen to you and take a thorough and detailed history of your condition, followed by a complete physical examination of the affected and associated areas to discover the underlying cause of your pain and subsequently the best way to treat your condition.

We guarantee that you will not leave without understanding your condition and how to best manage it.
Our clinicians not only treat your symptoms, we will empower you and show you how to optimally manage your condition yourself. We don’t use those gimmicky machines which have no beneficial evidence (that so many other practices use) and you will be afforded a one-on-one consultation with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have during and after the consultation.

Our clinic has strong established working relationships with many of Sydney’s premier Sports Physician’s and Orthopaedic Specialists so we are able to organise prompt appointments if necessary for further management and intervention.
If you have had treatment elsewhere that has not provided you with the answers or results that you’re after then it is worth getting a second opinion! Our philosophy is to bring the opportunities which are afforded to elite athletes to the general public.

We would love to help you get back on track!

Second Opinion

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